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GIC 8000

Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine

GIC 8000 - Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine

  • High speed continuous motion machine.
  • Latest generation maintenance free servo motor drives for all main machine movements –  film feed, crimp jaw opening/ closing, and crimp jaw vertical motion.
  • 10 inch colour Allen Bradley full feature operator HMI touch screen.
  • Multiple access levels for operators, engineers, machine setters and management, each level password protected.
  • Proven robust mechanical and electrical design, ensure industry leading reliabilty and low cost of ownership.
  • Standard large capacity low level reel mounting.
  • Only the highest quality materials and components are used to satisfy the most demanding environments.
  • Maximum access for clean-down and maintenance.
  • Available as either a stand-alone unit, complete with feed system or part of a turnkey solution.
  • The machine can be tailored to the Customers specification by our in-house design team.

Standard Features

Icon driven | Recipe memory for push button size change | Control systems diagnostics | Multiple access levels with password protection | Integral temperature control | Full machine status display | Stainless steel and hard anodised aluminium construction | Vacuum transport with dry valve vacuum pump

Optional Features

Full stainless steel construction | Polyethylene sealing system (impulse welding) | Gas flushing | Static eliminator | Bag shaker | Deflator unit | Finish bag take-away elavator | Remote diagnostics dial in facility | Overprinter | Selectable multi-pull transport cycles | Adjustable pack support | Print Registration unit | Twin film reels


Fresh & Frozen Produce | Snacks & Confectionery | Industrial Hardware | Pulses & Powders | Liquids

Pack Styles

Pillow | Gusset | Block Bottom | Euroslot | Punch Hole | Easy Open / Reclose with zip

Feed System Options

Augers | Linear weighers | Multi-head weighers | Counters | Volumetric fillers | Liquid pumps | Bucket elevators

Servo Driven Vertical Band Seal System as Standard.

gic8000 vffs machine

Full Allen Bradley Five Axis Servo Drive system as Standard.

Technical Specification

Weight: 1100kg
Maximum Pack Sizes: 400mm wide x 500mm long
Maximum Speed: 115 packs per min
Power Supply: 415V 3-phase 3kW (4kW for servo option)
Compressed Air: Free air – 0.06 cubic mtrs/min dependent on speed and application.
Finish: Stainless steel and black hard anodised aluminium
Packaging Materials: All suitable heat sealable materials including laminates and polyethylenes (optional impulse sealing).
Reel Outer Diameter: 480mm (max reel weight 90kg)
Reel Core Diameter: 76mm

Watch the GIC 8000 Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine

The continuous motion GIC8000 is widely used in the fresh produce industry in the U.K. Here multiple lines can be seen packing potatoes.